The cheapest


  alternative to

  plastic bubble wrap.

Our invented RAIKU is a natural, beautiful and cheap compostable alternative to plastic bubble wrap.
It is made out of low quality and leftover wood without chemicals.




The packaging industry is extremely wasteful. 

90% of plastic bubble wrap ends in landfill or nature. Every year, enough bubble wrap is made that it could go around the equator more than 10 times, and the production will grow 25% in five years as e-commerce is booming. At the same time, the market is looking for eco alternatives as well as legislation for single use plastics is getting stricter.

100% natural and protective

We have a patented solution to substitute plastic bubble wrap using wood with an ingenious design – its spring structure both protects but also enables us to give much more volume to our raw material!

Raiku’s wooden fabric is structurally protective for shipments, affordable compared to current plastic and eco alternatives, as well as compostable. 


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